Avondale Foods manufactures and supplies the UK and Ireland’s leading multiple retailers with fresh products including side salads, vegetable accompaniments, sauces and noodles.


Avondale Foods has an on-site bakery that manufactures croutons and garlic doughballs.


Avondale Foods manufactures a wide range of authentic noodle products using technology rarely available or found in Western Europe. 


Keeping up with the latest trends in healthy eating, Avondale Foods manufactures a wide range of quality porridge products. 


Avondale Foods manufactures sauces tailored to their customer’s individual requirements. The range comprises mayonnaises and stir-fry sauces. 

Side Salads

Avondale is one of the leading manufacturers of coleslaw, specialising in top tier. The company also manufactures potato salads, pasta salads and a range of grain salads for side accompaniments and food on the go.

Oat Drinks

The Avondale Foods research and development department develops new and exciting oat milk based drinks using only the finest ingredients.

Vegetable Sides

The company also manufactures a wide range of vegetable accompaniments including potato wedges and their award-winning layered veg.