Avondale Foods develops and manufactures fresh products for leading retailers in the UK and Ireland. The range includes side salads, vegetable accompaniments, oat drinks, porridge, sauces and noodles.​

Avondale Foods (Craigavon) Ltd. was founded in 1965 by Harry and Derek Geddis.

The brothers started in business growing vegetables at their family farm for distribution to local markets and retail outlets.

As Avondale Foods expanded, produce was outsourced to local growers while the company focused on product development.

In the early 1980s, Avondale Foods became the first company in Northern Ireland to manufacture coleslaw and quickly became one of the leading suppliers of coleslaw in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Avondale Foods remains a family company with the founding members still involved in the day-to-day running of the business. The second generation of the family have also key roles within the senior management team.

Avondale Foods has a staff of over 400 people which fluctuates according to the demands of production.

Our Brands

Avondale Foods is the company’s corporate entity through which products are developed and manufactured under its customers’ own brands.

Avondale Foods manufactures its own brand coleslaws and potato salads under the Country Kitchen brand.

These products are found in major retail outlets throughout Northern Ireland. The Country Kitchen range is developed specifically for Northern Irish consumers. 

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Side Salads

Oat Drinks

Vegetable Sides


What Avondale Foods offers its employees:

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