The Avondale Foods Technical Department ensures that all products are developed and manufactured to meet customers' specifications and in compliance with all current food legislation.

  • The Technical Department has acquired BRC Global Standard Accreditation for Food Safety.
  • The department uses the Avondale Foods Quality Management Systems to implement HACCP systems within the context of good manufacturing practices.
  • Client specifications are fully satisfied by carrying out continuous checks on product quality and the scrupulous monitoring of process and production environments.
  • Key performance indicators are used throughout the production process to measure performance and ensure ‘best in class’.
  • Sensory evaluation is carried out daily; an important function to verify the quality of all products in terms of packaging, presentation, taste and texture.
  • Production and process scheduling, and strict procurement procedures, ensure that all ingredients can be traced back throughout the supply chain. 
  • The Technical Department’s on-site microbiology laboratory is accredited by Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association. Experience in food microbiology ensures that all HACCP control measures are rigorously adhered to. 
  • Shelf life analysis ensures that all Avondale Foods products are in optimum condition and safe to consume throughout their shelf life.