Research and Development

"We believe that innovation is the key to our success."  

The Research and Development Department is a dedicated team of professionals who are at the forefront of developing the foods of the future.

  • The team have built a centre of excellence which creates products to meet ever changing consumer demands. They travel the world to seek out new ideas to keep Avondale Foods ahead of the competition.

  • The department is staffed by trained experts including food scientists, development chefs and engineers who keep Avondale Foods products and processes innovative.

  • Creativity is firmly embedded in Avondale Foods culture and is based on sound market analysis and technical expertise. This ensures all products have an integrity customers can trust.

  • The Research and Development Department is small enough to be flexible, but large enough to deliver. When high quality materials cannot be sourced they are simply made by the department themselves. This provides complete control over ingredients and enables the department to create tailor made products for all customers.

  • The onsite engineering department ensures all new products, packaging and processes keep the company ahead of the rest of the food industry. Science is used to manufacture products and design machinery to suit the product, rather than designing the product to suit the process.

Setting trends

Avondale Foods New Product Development (NPD) is driven by four key trends:

  1. Convenience:
    Busy lifestyles and time constraints of our consumers mean that the desire for convenience continues to be the main influence in food choices.

  2. Wholesomeness:
    Avondale Foods always aims to meet or exceed government guidelines and customer policies on reducing salt, sugar and fat content and, whenever possible, to remove additives and preservatives from its products.

  3. Enjoyment:
    The trend towards eating comfort food at home continues to grow.  Avondale Foods acknowledges that consumers need indulgences every now and then.

  4. Responsibility:
    Innovation will continue to meet ethical and moral standards. Avondale Foods strives to make packaging environmentally friendly and to reduce food miles by using local ingredients whenever possible.